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Cheryl and Cate are hands down the best agents we could ever imagine. They took a nearly impossible set of criteria from us and found us the perfect home. They both worked so hard and put everything in, going over and above to support us as first-time buyers every step of the way. They are, generous, extremely skilled, of the highest ethics, caring and just all round lovely people. We could go on and on about how great they are and never finish. We're so grateful.

I appreciate Cheryl's responsiveness and ability to wade through the listings to target my specific needs. Her ability to listen, add valuable insight, and revise criteria allowed me to secure a fantastic new home. Cate was clear, responsive, and pleasant to work with virtually. Cheryl and Cate are a great team!

Cheryl was able to find the perfect location, office type, and size for my needs, which are not typical. She vetted the property and gave me a "tour" via Zoom, so that I could see everything during my busy workday, which did not allow me to visit in person. She gave me her frank opinion and I know she would not let me proceed with a property that she had qualms about. Cheryl advised me about several potential strategies, and I was able to put together an approach that I was comfortable with. 

I would highly recommend Cheryl to any potential client because of her attention to the client's needs, and her willingness to educate a client about how to think the process through. She truly puts the client first, rather than trying to close as soon as possible and move on, as some agents are rumoured to do...Cate, is efficient, organized, and also very client focused. 

You know you are in good hands with them. Please feel free to share this opinion with anyone who is looking for high quality, client focused service from their realtor.

I will be calling on Cheryl and Cate for all future real estate needs, without hesitation. I am also recommending them to friends and family. You do not meet people of this calibre very often.

Cheryl and Cate work quickly, efficiently and with professionalism. They are resourceful when faced with obstacles, and a pleasure to work with.

This was a very complex co op sale in probate. There were countless obstacles yet the team kept going, staying positive and looking for solutions. I feel I would have missed out on this property if not for their diligence.

Cheryl and Cate were amazing. They were attentive and on top on everything. They made this experience easy and exciting.

Cheryl and Cate were great! I've recommended them to friends and family and can't wait to work with them again

Cate and Cheryl make a fantastic team! Together they cover all the bases. We have used them to both buy and sell homes. They are persistent, tenacious, and yet very sensitive to our needs.

Thank you so much Cate and Cheryl for guiding me through the most difficult time in my life. Couldn't have done it without you. 

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